Who Flipped It Better: Salaam Remi vs. Vinyl Reanimators

There’s more to this one than you might think and I’m sure more people sampled it too, but we’re focusing only on these two right now for good enough reason. I’ll speak further on it after you refresh your memory with the these previews:
Original Sample Source
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remi Version)
L. The Head Toucha – It’s Your Life (Vinyl Reanimators production)
Besides the relation of both these tracks through the sample source, there’s something else that connects them that I just noticed in recent months. The hook for “It’s Your Life” is actually a couple of lines sampled from “Remember We”. Both instrumentals are top notch smoothed out mid nineties masterpieces, in my humble opinion, and the Vinyl Reanimators hooked the same sample up without it sounding redundant. The genius move of sampling the same song as Remember We and then sampling Remember We itself is a pretty good testament of how ill the Reanimators really were at the time. But without knowing all of that and just going by how each beat sounds, I prefer Salaam Remi‘s work here.
Feel free to leave a comment on which flip you think is better.

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