Vaulted Vinyl Releases

DWG have been doing big things for awhile now. Releasing vaulted music has been a niche business for years. Whether its D.I.T.C., Godfather Don, Shadez of Brooklyn, Freestyle Professors or some obscure mid-90’s group, vinyl addicts all over flock to these limited releases.

Most of the success happens to be in the European and Asian markets, where most of these limited vinyls can go sell for anywhere from $60-$200+ a piece. This is new vinyl, hot off the presses too. These aren’t 30 years old OOP copies either. There is a theory behind it, little supply and big demand. Just like dead stock sneakers, if you want something and know only a few thousand exist you’re going to pay top dollar.

What sets the price on these vaulted vinyls? Is it the artist demand? Is it the screwed business man knowing he can invest around $1000 on 200 pieces of vinyl and flip it for about $16,000 in a matter of weeks?

I’m all for Free Trade, I’m just not all for spending that much on vinyl. Personally, I can’t do it, financially I can, but I just can’t pull that trigger knowing the mark-up on that little piece of hot wax. That’s not to shit on anyone who does. We all have our reasons, our vices and in some cases weaknesses when it comes to material items. I also can’t hate on the labels or savvy sellers behind these type of releases either. Get rich quick schemes have been apart of hip-hop for years now.

Would you support it more if prices were more reasonable for the average hip-hop fan/buyer? What about the quality? Not sound quality but the actual tracks. I’ve heard (downloaded) many of these vaulted releases and to my surprise most have been either extremely average or straight underwhelming. I always said to myself, if these tracks were good wouldn’t they have been released on the album? Certainly that isn’t the case of every track, some couldn’t get clearance or some just are uncleaned demo tracks. I do appreciate those remastered CD releases such as Godfather Don’s 90’s Sessions, Buckwild’s Diggin In The Crates and all those No Sleep and Traffic type of releases. Surely not everybody wants a CD, but you’re also not paying 500x the price either.

So my question is to you– the reader. What are your thoughts on pricey unreleased vinyl releases? What is your threshold when buying these records? Do you support this niche market?



1: Death Row
2: At Large
3: Pump The Funk

If you want to purchase this Tragedy vinyl hit up trag@diggerswithgratitude.com

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