Corny but dope?

The Golden Era is full of tracks that we love, many of which are considered type corny today. These tracks stay with us for sentimental reasons but looking back you can see how it would be somewhat corny. Some have weak lyrics, some are downright embarrassing like…

We can say anything and still get props
Like “Eek”, “Ock”, “Oak”, “Ock Ock”
Translation means that you’re swingin’ on my jock
I’m givin’ lessons
Cause I’ve been known to school one
Ditch my class and I slide you a cool one
To the grill as I spill my rap skills
Step back Jill I’m jumpin’ over the hill
So I can slide, slide, slippity slide
Up in you to the left
Left with my full metal jacket and nine tec
Cause I live in the place where the sun sets
From the wild west
Me and my crew yo
On Anotha Level, style is fatter than a sumo
So yeah, Bambino
Pass me that foil
Gotta seal up my rhymes so they don’t spoil
I’m not a king
But you can crown me royal
To the west my devotion is loyal

Some other corny yet dope tracks are…

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