DJ 3rd Rail: Part 3 (Wu-Tang Lesson 3)

The final installment of three DJ 3rd Rail mixtapes tapes that I’ve ripped. Description provided by 3rd Rail.

Wu-Tang Lesson 3
Not sure what songs are on that mix. What I can tell you is that after doing part 1 & 2 I didn't know it would take off the way it did. I always stood away from doing mix tapes (yes songs were blended together and weren't somebody's demo like today) like most people. Most people put songs that I call cheating songs. You know the hits or songs you know the words to. I would use a few of those songs and bless the rest with songs you couldn't find unless you went out and purchased, singles, imports and lps and were lucking enough to come across a promo copy somewhere. By part 3 of the Wu-Tang mixes I had so much material since everyone was Wu-Tang in one way or another back then. They had so many other groups that rolled under the Wu-Tang umbrella. It was fun to put those mixes together and show the world it was more than just the core members.

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And don’t forget to grab the Gang Starr Megamix that Roy Johnson posted back in May of 2009. Or the three volume set of Akbar material also posted by Roy. Half of the tracks were from a 2 hour freestyle session with 3rd Rail.

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