T.R.O.Y Challenge – Afterthoughts

This often happens. Someone on the T.R.O.Y. forum comes up with a good idea for a compilation challenge, and I end up doing more than one. This is volume two from the last round. For the sake of entry competitions, this line-up was not included. Having a poll is cool, but more than that I am glad to have some dope themes to work with from time to time. I’m sure you remember the last competition. The rules were as
follows —

ALL 1995 —
Must have at least 1 Midwest or Southern track.
Must have at least 2 Westcoast track.
Must have at least 2 remixes.

Here’s my 2nd attempt, I hope you all dig the vibe.

Get it here —

01 (4:18) Budda Rex – Rhyme Mind (Philadelphia)
02 (4:12) M.A.D.D. – Back In The Days (Portland/Bay)
03 (3:35) Mr. Low Kash ‘N Da Shady Bunch – R.I.P. (Dirtman Remix) (New Jersey)
04 (4:30) Bossman & The Blakjak – Ghetto Parade (Remix) (Indiana)
05 (3:54) Narrow Path Clique – Veronica’s Crib (The Kickback) (Bay Area)
06 (4:52) Mg1 & Brownsville Mobsters – Criminal Life (New York)
07 (3:49) Mood – Transmoreify (Ohio)
08 (3:47) Undadawgz – I Roc Dis (New York)
09 (4:49) Snake Wade Pletskinz – 313-4-Ever (G-Hop Mix) (Detroit)
10 (5:41) Mr.Bonuts – Southwest (Louisiana)
11 (4:23) Funk Daddy – Feel The Funk (Seattle)
12 (3:46) King JC – Live In Da 95 (Albuquerque Nm/Memphis Tn)

If you check this out speak up, leave some feedback. Enjoy.

— Schenectadyfan

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