DJ 3rd Rail: Part 2 (Wu-Tang Megamix)

The second of three DJ 3rd Rail mixtapes tapes that I’ve ripped. Description provided by 3rd Rail.

Wu-Tang Megamix
That was the one that started it all. Had a few bangers and Wu-Tang was just starting to drop all over the place. I felt a mix tape that was actually mixed with real blends needed to be done. We used the W and flipped it and used it as a 3 the way Meth used it as an M. Then I just laced that tape and knew if you were a fan of Wu-Tang you needed that tape in your car. I put other album cuts and a few singles on that one. I had no Idea my tapes would be sold world wide. Thanks to those who supported.

new link updated 6/26/12

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