Steady B’s Best New Rapper Tourney (Bracket)

SteadyBloggin.com’s Best New Rapper Tournament begins today! We’re using that term “new” loosely because when you think about it not many are new at rapping, just new to many of us, to the internet, the radio, the zines or your favorite blogs.

We avoided most major label artists. Sorry, you won’t be seeing the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Gucci Mane, Drake or even Charles Hamilton on here. We carefully handed out the 64 spots to rappers we felt would be complete this tournament.

It is true we are using some current internet favorites; but we hope you take the time in getting to know all of the contestants. We’ll be providing audio and video samples for each artist so carefully vote on your favorite. If you aren’t a member of Philaflava make sure you register to vote. Print out the brackets and get ready for a month full of voting but most importantly have fun. –Philaflava

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    b-boyz Megaupload – http://b-boyz.com/?id=100237

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