DJ 3rd Rail: Part 1 (Subway Hip Hop Vol. 36)

Chicago legend DJ 3rd Rail was kind enough to give me permission to post some of his old mixtapes for everyone to enjoy. I asked him what he’s been up to lately and he took the time to write back plus a description for each tape. A class act keeping real hip hop alive.

What have I’ve been doing these past few years? The same thing. I’m still on the radio in Chicago every Sunday night Monday morning on WNUR 89.3fm Chicago land. Live stream to the show 12am midnight till 5am central time or 1am-6am if you live out east or 10pm-3am in the west coast. I also do the show live on USTREAM, so you can not only hear but see how I do the show live with vinyl in 2010. I don’t use serato, torq, m-audio, cdj’s none of that. You can also build with us on the live chat with us. I have several pages of archive full shows. Some archives the full 3 hour USTREAM capacity. I also have put together a great YOUTUBE page with hundreds of video’s of me doing some of my shows. Yes vinyl, blends and ziga ziga’s. The real deal that most people at philaflava love. The YOUTUBE page will take you days to go through. I know many of you are gonna love what we have been doing on the radio here in Chicago since 1991 and haven’t stopped. I have a WEBSITE as a matter of fact the longest hip hop site in Chicago. I have a site you can buy mixtapes (mix cd’s now), vinyl, but we haven’t updated it in a while, so when we do I will let you know. Were on Subway Hip Hop vol 45 now. Just waiting for a few more songs on vinyl. Like I said I only do wax. We did put out some 12″ vinyl a few years back with Rise and 2 from Akbar. I told Akbar about the love you gave him on the blog spot when you mentioned him. I told him that the 2 hour plus freestyle he and me did years ago was up. I sent him the link so I want to thank you guys for showing us love. I know that many people still keep it real but it’s hard with all this garbage and everyone selling out everyday. Keep your head up and remember were still in the trenches with everyone who still love this music and doesn’t rape it. Yes I still go out and buy vinyl all the time. If you need to contact me feel free DJ3RDRAIL@GMAIL.COM.

Subway Hip Hop Vol. 36
The Subway Hip Hop series was just the latest at that time that I had on vinyl. None of my mixtapes (notice I said mix not albums, demo’s, etc….) were done with serato, cd’s dat’s. They were and still are all done with vinyl. I travel alot so I would make the cover of a city, or country I visited prior to making whatever series I was on. I used tons of underground (good) hip hop. I stayed away from giving you the hits or the songs you knew by heart when I dropped these mixes. You may know the songs now, but when I dropped them you for the most part had no clue who or what the name of the song was. You might recognize the artist but never heard that song. Then I just blended them together without shouting or dropping sound effects all over the songs.

take care,
3rd Rail

Show some love and visit DJ 3rd Rail on USTREAM, YOUTUBE, his WEBSITE or EMAIL the man at DJ3RDRAIL@GMAIL.COM.


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