Random VLS Drops: G-Depp – Head Over Wheels

Freshly ripped at 320kbps for your listening pleasure.

A1 DJ LS One – The Brooklyn Bounce
A2 DJ Dummy – Five Borough Groove
B1 G-Depp – Head Over Wheels
B2 G-Depp – Blow More Spots

Pre-puff daddy G-Dep! This is a double B-Side wins again. I first heard both of these tracks on Bobbito shows and could never find the vinyl. Probably because the A-Side is what it is, a couple of DJ tracks that I never would have given a second glance. Anyways, Head Over Wheels was also featured on DJ Premier’s Crooklyn Cuts Volume 3 and his NY reality Check Mix CD. Shout to serch4beatz for mentioning the sample at the VA forum.

“Blow More Spots” might not be half as notable in most digger’s eyes, but to me it’s another banger. He really rips on this one and the beat suits him just fine for the verbal ass whipping he delivers.

I just included the A-Side for the completists. Though I once in a while enjoy a dj cut here and there, it’s really not my thing.

G-Depp – Head Over Wheels

Head Over Wheels Sample Source

G-Depp – Blow More Spots

Peace to ral278 for first posting the G-Depp tracks and alerting me of the record they were on.


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3 Responses to “Random VLS Drops: G-Depp – Head Over Wheels”

  1. CPT says:

    This tune…takes me away.

    Could you please re-upload somewhere else? Megaupload.com seized.

    Head over wheels, huh?

  2. M says:

    Any chance for a re-up?

  3. bwoy says:

    I’m also interested in a re-up, if you still have the rip.

    Thanks in advance!

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