Touring The States: Newnan, GA

There’s only conflicting information that I could find about where Skoota hails from. Mostly it’s a toss up between Texas and Georgia. I am pretty sure his true origin is Newnan, Georgia.
This album was released on Critique Records.
More or less, that is all the info I have.
Is it just me, or his voice sounding very derivative of Tupac?
SkootaN-GA Style (1996)

01. Skoo-Intro
02. The Warning
03. A Winner
04. Let It Out
05. Restless
06. Financial Hitz
07. Interlude (Outta This World)
08. Outta This World
09. In Amerika
10. Illah
11. N.G.A. To N.Y.C.
12. Kaught Up
13. Groovee
14. My Boobie
15. Lost In Adolescence
16. Interlude (Kountry Bumpin’)
17. Kountry Bumpin’

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