Single Series: Pop Da Brown Hornet

Pop Da Brown Hornet is from Staten Island and he is a member of the hip hop group called GP Wu aka Gladiator Posse Wu. Beside album with his group, he has solo album The Undaground Emperor, released in 2000 on MCA.
He has also released four singles, which we are presenting you know.
Let’s Go The Lap / Can You Wu-Wu-Wu VLS (1995)

01. Let’s Go The Lap (Radio Mix)
02. Let’s Go The Lap (Street Mix)
03. Let’s Go The Lap (Instrumental Mix)
04. Can You Wu-Wu-Wu (Radio Mix)
05. Can You Wu-Wu-Wu (Street Mix)
Black On Black Crime / G.P. Connection VLS (1996)

01. Black On Black Crime (Radio Version)
02. Black On Black Crime (Instrumental)
03. G.P. Connection (Radio Version)
04. G.P. Connection (Street Version)
05. G.P. Connection (Instrumental)
Follow Me Up VLS (1998)

01. Follow Me Up (Main)
02. Follow Me Up (Clean)
03. Follow Me Up (Instrumental)
04. Follow Me Up (A capella)
I’m Soooo…. bw Sun Neva Chill VLS (2000)

01. I’m Soooo…. (Clean)
02. I’m Soooo…. (Instrumental)
03. I’m Soooo…. (Explicit)
04. Sun Neva Chill (Clean)
05. Sun Neva Chill (Instrumental)
06. Sun Neva Chill (Explicit)

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