Jazz MC – Brotherhood (Baltimore 1992)

This is an underground tape from Baltimore, Maryland. It was put out by ‘StarTrak Records Inc’ in 1992. This album sold awhile ago on ebay for almost 60 dollars. I got mine for about 1/4 of that. Good deal, nice tape. It’s a little old school, but that’s to be expected for the time frame it came out in. I wish I had a camera, I’d take some pictures. Alas I am without quality equipment and can’t seem to find cover art floating around on the net. I think it’s pretty rare. Here’s the info on the tape:

Executive Producers – Sylvester Borum & Eric M. Griffith.
Scratches – C. Wilson

Get it here —

01 (4:17) jazz mc – brotherhood
02 (3:02) jazz mc – body rock
03 (4:48) jazz mc – finger on the trigger
04 (4:07) jazz mc – loungin’
05 (4:35) jazz mc – just 4 u
06 (3:50) jazz mc – jazz thang
07 (5:09) jazz mc – eazy come eazy go
08 (4:01) jazz mc – give em’ the boot
09 (4:22) jazz mc – main concept
10 (5:08) jazz mc – brotherhood (remix)

I hope you like this cassette. I’ve been playing it a fair amount lately. I hope you do too!

— Schenectadyfan

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