Prince Paul Presents: Horror City (Unreleased 1995 Demo)


01. War Party Intro
02. Play It Close
03. Pain
04. You Got Flow [Original]
05. Take It How You Want It
06. Big Sha
07. Tattles Tale
08. Horror City Terrorists (Freestyle)
09. MC Hustler [Original]
10. Headbounty
11. War Party Outro

If you didn’t already know, Prince Paul dropped this on his twitter account yesterday, and this is what he had to say about it:

This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar . as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse . Superstar already had the name “Horror City” so we recorded under that name . This project was recorded right after the first Gravedigga album ” 6ft deep”in 1995 . I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed . I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there . I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on ” a prince among thieves” and actually had a few of the guys perform on the ” Thieves ” album as well but to be honest I always liked these originals better. So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense .. why not share great music . Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do . please share it , thats why I made this for free download . For more group info please log on tohttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000981527022for a proper bio of “Horror City “.

Peace to Dan from over at the philaflava forums for bringing this right to us and to drizzle for posting it on Steadybloggin’.

I can’t give this a review after just one listen, but I can tell you that it’s ill and shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s a few things I noticed off the bat:

Like Paul said, he used some of the music from this for Prince Among Thieves and also some of the emcees, most noticeably, after one listen, Big Sha. He kills on this and so do the others, but unfortunately I don’t know their names or have any further info yet. All I can say is that this album is that raw shit and I definitely see myself giving this many more listens in the future. Every track bangs.

Tracks 1 and 11 are intro and outros, so that breaks it down to 9 tracks.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, and 9: These beats were all used later on P.A.T. but are not to be slept on.
Track 8: Same bass line as “The Men In Blue” off of P.A.T.
Track 5: According to “illest” over at the TROY forum, this beat was also used on P.A.T., as a skit.
Track 7: Greatness, same sample as Buckwild used later on “The Chosen One” off of O.C.’s sophomore epic of an LP, Jewelz.
Track 10: Beat uses that same broked up sounding horn sample as Esteem – Can’t Hold It Back, from the East Flatbush Project.

Like I said, not a real review, I only heard it once so far. And I gotta say that I never would have thought that I would really dig something that I had already heard Breez Brewin catch wreck over some of the same beats of. But these cats really held it down. It was a Prince Paul project from 1995, what more needs to be said?

And if that wasn’t enough, check what else Prince Paul had to say:

This Tuesday I am starting a small campaign of FREE downloads of my unreleased and limited release material. Why let it go to waste .The first release will be a Demo of Horror City 1995 . Its one of the few projects that I thought was really great but didnt get signed. So this Tues the 22nd I will post the link on here… and twitter so please share. Peace to the guys in Horror city for all of their help and talents.

And like ‘illest’ said:
“hail the prince…..its time for other producers to do the same”

–verge tibbs

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