House Of Pain “Irish Pride”

Yes, I’m white.

Yes, I’m from the suburbs.

And yes, I was down with House Of Pain.

I originally made this double cd comp back in 2002. But now I’ve gone back, cleaned up some of the tracks and added 4 additional ones. All but 6 of these tracks (leaked by DJ Muggs) are from my own collection of cd’s, singles and vinyls. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that House Of Pain made a mark on the map in the 90’s.

Disc 1
01 House Of Pain-House Of Pain Anthem (Original Mix)
02 House Of Pain-Jump Around feat. Pete Rock (Blood Stain Remix)
03 House Of Pain-Irish Pride (Unreleased Demo)
04 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Butch Vig Mix aka In The Dirt Mix)
05 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (Judgement Night OST)
06 House Of Pain-On Point (Groove Merchantz Remix)
07 House Of Pain-Legend (Lethal Dose Remix)
08 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Famous Mix)
09 House Of Pain-3rd Stone From The Sun (Unreleased Demo)
10 House Of Pain-Who’s The Man (Underdog Mix)
11 Everalast-Jump Around (Live at The Bowery Ballroom, N.Y.C. 07.22.99)
12 House Of Pain-Punch Drunk (Eddie OST)
13 House Of Pain-Word Is Bond feat. Darkman (Ghetto Lab Mix)
14 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Muggs Main Pass)
15 House Of Pain-Over There Shit (Unlreleased Demo)
16 House Of Pain-Put On Your Shit Kickers (T-Ray Remix)
17 House Of Pain-Beef Jerky (Jerkey Boys OST)
18 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (T-Ray Devil Worship Mix)
19 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Power Mix)
20 Sick Of It All-Just Look Around feat. Everlast (Lethal House Of Pain Remix)

Disc 2
01 House Of Pain-It Ain’t A Crime (Madhouse UK Mix)
02 House Of Pain-Jump Around (DJ Bizznizz Remix)
03 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Salaam Main Pass)
04 House Of Pain-Reachin’ Out (Non-LP Track)
05 House Of Pain-On Point (Da Beatminerz UK Remix)
06 House Of Pain-Top O’ The Morning To Ya (Underdog Remix)
07 House Of Pain-Word Is Bond feat. Diamond D (Remix)
08 House Of Pain-Shamrocks & Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Buds & Brew Mix)
09 House Of Pain-Same Old Same Old (Unlreleased Demo)
10 House Of Pain-Over There (I Don’t Care) (Da Beatminerz Clean Version)
11 House Of Pain-Legend (Extended Mix)
12 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Bomb ‘Em Remix)
13 House Of Pain-Womb To The Tomb (Unlreleased Demo)
14 Helmet & House Of Pain-Just Another Victim (T-Ray Dead & Stinking Mix)
15 House Of Pain-On Point (Lethal Dose Remix)
16 House Of Pain-Runnin’ Up On Ya (House Of Pain vs. Kerbdog)
17 House Of Pain-Put Your Head Out feat. B-Real (DJ Pogo Remix)
18 House Of Pain-Choose Your Poison (Unreleased Remix)
19 House Of Pain-Jump Around (Smooth Mix)
20 Biohazard-How It Is feat. Sen-Dog (Lethal H.O.P. Mix)




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16 Responses to “House Of Pain “Irish Pride””

  1. Thomas Al. says:

    Did YOU made this rare piece of hieven?? Damn, srsly THANKS for this upload! This gem is so rare it’s impossible to buy, unless someone would happen to set it for sale on Discogs. Very glad I found this!

    • troyblog says:

      I did make this piece of heaven. It is impossible to buy because back in 2002 I only made up 10 sets of these double discs with full artwork and labels on the CD-R’s to give to a few of my friends. If it ever is for sale on Discogs, it’s one of the original 10 sets or just a copy of the CD-R’s.


      • LP says:

        Yo! wassup playa? hey I just want to tell you something… I’m really impressed bout your work with this group! I love House Of Pain bro’ from the day one and I really apreciate that U come back and post this links ones again bro’! creeme que acabo de llegar por aca y me encontre con esta joya de grupo y de blog y realmente los respeto y admiro por seguir apoyando grupos de esta talla!
        this is my mail: lasalle10597@hotmail.com

        please send me the links of this jewell playa’

        do it by Mediafire is betta!

        • ephedrine says:

          hi is it possible to get the house of pain downloads reposted so i can downlaod them it keeps saying this file is deleated would be much apreciated

  2. dirt_dog says:

    Both Sharebee links worked just fine for me, but here are the MU links.


    DISC 1

    DISC 2

    • Nightcrawler1276 says:

      I’d love to download this house of pain gem!!!! Can you re-up some working links? I try but I keep getting denied! Thanks!!!

  3. SPank (Divided Souls Ent) says:

    Nice post. House of Pain did their thing and this is a really good post. Keep up the great work. Peace and GOD BLESS

  4. coljohn23 says:

    hello the links above no longer work ,please send me oh god please help

  5. kenny says:

    Yow man

    really great house of pain shit.Cant you make another set of cdr’s??You know you well have alot of sellings !!

  6. Christian says:

    daaamn, as if i missed this… any chance of a r-up?

  7. Ghost Gunner says:

    Please re-share your awesome work.

  8. Ger says:

    Thanks dirt dog!

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