The Source: May 1993 issue featuring LL Cool J

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! I’m literally on my way out of the house for a well deserved vacation through the dirty South with the wife and children. I wanted to drop something here to hold everyone over until I return. Other than LL following the masses with his horrible interpretation of hardcore ’93 hip-hip, the other thing that struck me as ridiculous in this Source issue was the rating for Masta Ace’s Slaughtahouse 3.5 mics?!? To this day, it stands as at least a 4.5 mic album to me. It was completely unexpected from him and his crew. And did I mention the incredible production?? I owned massive house party speakers back then and that album damn near blew them out. And I ‘m not the only one who feels this way about the album either. Check out this review of the Slaughtahouse album as well (http://bloggerhouse.net/2010/06/06/i-love-the-90s-pt-ii-1993-pt-ii/). The Beatnuts Intoxicated Demons also should have also received at least a 4 mic rating. Anyway, let me get out of here before my wife leaves my a** behind. album.

***BONUS*** – I previously posted this issue of Ego Trip at my invite-only site but it’s posted here now for everyone. Enjoy!

Source May 1993 issue

Ego Trip #7

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