Smoked Fish – The Aqualab Sessions Vol. 1

*GeeMan hooked up the covers…

– Smoked Fish is GeeMan on production and vocals, Stretch on vocals, and Snook on vocals.
– The Aqualab Sessions Vol. 1 was released in 1998.

The Aqualab Sessions brought together these three dope Pittsburgh artists who were hungry to make noise. GeeMan aka The Grand Ear laced production that gave his fellow MC’s the opportunity to unwind with a pen and a pad.

GeeMan handles the production in its entirety and exhibits his own dope rhyming skills on a few tracks, including “Music Production.” Still an active member of this Pittsburgh hip-hop scene, GeeMan works closely with aspiring Steel City soul-hop producers BusCrates and Vex.

Stretch is co-founder and host of Rhyme Calisthenics: The Official MC Competition, alongside producer and friend James Armstead Brown. Still one of the best freestylers the city has ever seen, Stretch gets props from anyone who is willing to listen.

Snook has also stayed relevant on the scene making appearances on Armstead Brown’s 2007 album release Fieldwork and on the most recent Stilltown release, Stilltown Vol. III.

The Aqualab Sessions Vol. 1
01 – Production: MusicMusic
02 – Live Wire
04 – Smoke Break
05 – Crush My Vibe
06 – Plan Of Mine
07 – Mic Ministry
09 – Mockem Yaw Radio Interlude
10 – Mind Bendin
11 – Ghetto Life

For more information on the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene of the past, present, and future, visit the Stilltown blog. Stay tuned to Philaflava for more classics coming soon.

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