Kon And Amir’s 50 Great Samples COMPANION PIECE

01. Impeach the President
02. Synthetic Substitution
03. It’s a New Day
04. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (remix)
05. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
06. Midnight Theme
07. Funky President
08. Cardova
09. Soul Power ’74
10. Chocolate Buttermilk
11. Misdemeanor
12. Funky Worm
13. The Mexican
14. Uphill Peace Of Mind
15. Let The Music Take Your Mind
16. The Message
17. Bumpin Bus Stop
18. Honkey Tonk
19. Walk On By
20. Pass the Peas
21. Look Ka Py Py
22. Mind Power
23. Space Funk
24. Haboglabotribin’
25. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight
26. Mystic Brew
27. Up Above The Rock
28. Inside My Love
29. Misfortune’s Wealth
30. Today
31. We Gettin’ Down
32. 90% Of Me Is You
33. Red Clay
34. Fourty days
35. Smilin’ Billy Suite Part II
36. I Got Some Part 1
37. Baby Don’t Cry
38. Jagger The Dagger
39. Outside Love
40. The Edge
41. Humpty Dumpty
42. Solstice
43. The Divine Image
44. Love And Happiness
45. Both Ends Against The Middle
46. Rain, Rain, Go Away
47. The Grunt (single version)
48. Mixed Up Cup
49. A Day In The Life
50. Holy Thursday
A couple of weeks ago, Complex mag had the gods Kon and Amir throw together a 50 Greatest Samples list. There were detractors as is usually the case with any type of list, especially hip hop related. I would not disagree completely with heads who found fault, nor the list, if it was simply titled “50 Great Samples“, instead of “The 50 Greatest Samples”. You just can’t make a list like that without omitting hundreds of possible contenders or without sparking debates from online “sample specialists”.
We’re gonna keep this titled “Kon And Amir’s 50 Great Samples Companion” to appease all the diggers. I’m not gonna front, I damn sure didn’t rip my own records just for this, since they were all pretty easily findable. Some of them are from CD’s and vinyl that I’ve ripped from my own collection, and some were found online at various different blog spots and such. Sorry, but if something is already ripped out there in high quality, I’m not gonna dig through my crates and go through the trouble of ripping my own records. Only if it isn’t out there, or if it isn’t in good quality, will that happen.
There were a couple of mistakes by Complex that I fixed here. For one, the version of “Honky Tonk” was not the one that the Beatnuts sampled. Complex used “Honkey Tonk Popcorn”, which was another song off the 1969 “Honkey Tonk Popcorn” LP, but it’s not the one the Beatnuts used. The Nuts used the other track from the album “Honkey Tonk” or the version of “Honkey Tonk” from the 45 from that album. When digging through this stuff, do remember this artist also had another song with the same title in 1956, which was definitely not that break. We left both of the 1969 versions on here, as a bonus.
And there was also something not quite right about the “Up Above The Rock” track that they posted, can’t remember what the mishap was, though, sorry.
I’m not trying to dis Complex, no way, thanks to them for getting this done.
Peace and props to Kon And Amir and to Complex for sparking this off. Now all of our loyal followers can enjoy all these breaks and hopefully dig for some of them themselves or dig for some other yet to be discovered future classics.
Also, peace to Symantiks over at Philaflava for sending me the first 10-15 joints to incite me to complete this list in mp3 format for the listeners. And thanks to dirt dog for the cover.
–verge tibbs

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