New Memberships On Philaflava (T.R.O.Y. forums)

Everyone is welcome to join our community. All you have to do is click here and register for FREE. We do have a process for all new memberships and because we receive overwhelming amounts of new memberships daily we certainly cannot process and activate new members right away. The reason I’m posting this on T.R.O.Y. is due to the sudden influx of memberships we’ve had and the surge of emails we’ve been receiving about registration.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY to join our community. Please don’t send emails requesting to be activated if you just signed up and have not allowed at least 3-4 weeks. Do not send emails stating you have a problem logging in all of a sudden, making it seem as if you once were active. Those emails get deleted and will only further your wait. My suggestion is to all is register with your primary email address and do not use a name like Joey32139 or because it will be denied.

Please understand our community is tight-knit and we do our best to make sure all new memberships that are approved are in fact actual people. We actually scrub each email and user name to make sure it’s legit. This is one of the reasons why our process takes time. So please, have patience or if you want to “red flag” your new membership you can expedite the process by sending $5 to Paypal@philaflava.com and your new membership will be approved within 1 day.

This is an option. Memberships are free and you do not have to pay; however you have to be patient.

– Philaflava Management

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