Random VLS Drops: Da Lench Mob “Ain’t Got No Class (Promo VLS)” (1993)

Nice promo wax from the Ice Cube affiliated group, Da Lench Mob. The group was made up up J-Dee, Shorty and T-Bone. Maulkie was added to the group for their second album after J-Dee was sentenced to life in prison.

Good story/interview/history with Shorty over at Davy D’s.

a1 Ain’t Got No Class (T-Bone Remix)
a2 Ain’t Got No Class (T-Bone Remix Instrumental)
a3 Ain’t Got No Class (LP Version)
b1 Ain’t Got No Class (Beatnuts Remix)
b2 Ain’t Got No Class (Beatnuts Instrumental)
b3 Ain’t Got No Class (Night Stawka Remix)



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