Gang Starr Video Mix by DJ 33 1/3

Once again, RIP to one of the greatest of all time. Top 10 to me, ftw.
As you can see, this was done by DJ 33 1/3 and sent in to us by the homie Beneficial from our good friends at HQ Hip Hop. As their title states, they only deal in top notch, high audio quality hip hop, so don’t sleep, they got mad goodies over there.
Anyways, have fun watching this professional video mix of the chain and the star classics. I enjoyed this to the highest degree and I know you will too. 33 1/3 really put it down for this mix, peace to him. Excuse my oldness, but I’ve never really peeped out such an ill video mix type joint, so this comes highly recommended by me for the older heads out there. Especially for the Gang Starr enthusiasts.
Just enlarge(pause) the video, relax, and enjoy.


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