Touring The States: Compton, CA

Mackadelics are Tweed Cadillac, B-Low-0 and one of the most underrated producers, DJ Aladdin.
B-Low-0 is now going under the name G-Avanni.
DJ Aladdin was in group with WC called Low Profile, the rest of his work you can check here.
21 tracks might make you think it’s too long and it can become boring, but trust us, there is something for everyone.
They definitely keeping this funky which will assure you to get back at it more than once.

MackadelicsExposed To The Game (1996)

01. Pimptro
02. Power Of A Playa
03. Bank-N-Corners
04. Devil’s Dope
05. On A Ride
06. Hustlin’
07. P.I. Convo
08. The Mackadelics
09. Are U Ready?
10. Lush-N-Lavish
11. Tweed Cadillac Bar
12. Gotta Be Fly
13. Like This
14. Man In The Mirror
15. Stack-N-Mack-N
16. Voodoo
17. How Many?
18. The Devil Made Me Do It
19. From The Ghetto
20. (I Wanna) Spend The Night With U
21. Between Tha Sheets

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  1. Nick says:

    Can you re-up this link. Been looking for this album for years. PLEASE!!

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