The Grimm Teachaz = Hi Fidel & Serengeti 2010

Yesterday, I posted this video from The Grimm Teachaz titled “I Getz“. Here are some of the replies that I received from our followers.

Damn, such an unique style! Thanks for sharing the video! Defenetly going to buy the album when it drops.” aREAL
“strictly for real hip hop headz… dont front” STAM
“This is dope, quite different from what was out back in 93.” Jaz
“Would be nice if we can buy the release. I hope will be on vinyl. Nice find thomasv” Mad Human

“This beat is mad flava. The first cat rhyming reminds me a lot of Mr. Funky Man from LOTUG, but better.” Verge
“Man 1993 was a great year for hiphop, Im getting this..great post!!” PAS
Now, let me break this down. The video y’all just seen was shot in 2010. This is not something from 1993. The Grimm Teachaz are Hi-Fidel & Serengeti from Chicago. This is an attempt to recreate a hip-hop joint & video that was made just to look like it was released back in the 90s. Hi-Fidel & Serengeti both changed their flows and lyrics to match the boom-bap beat that they were laced with. They brought back that L.O.T.U.G., Onyx, east coast hardcore grimey flavor with their new joint. I've heard emcees recreating that '93 boom bap sound (ex. LMNO – This Ep Reminds Me of '93) but those dudes actually had a video to match it! By the way, this is the real Son Doobie from Funkdoobiest. He really looked younger back in '93. Check out some old Funkdoobiest videos on Youtube. I would expect him to jump on a track like this after he released "The Golden B-Boys" last year. Straight up 90's heavyweight funk. You can tell he was the most comfortable because he actually rhymed like this back then. But still, great job to Hi-Fidel & Serengeti on creating this project and actually fooling most of our followers. I would've got fooled myself if I didn't know, but my brother is a friend of Hi-Fidel and he told me all about it yesterday. I was so impressed that I posted the video on this blog right away.
Hi-Fidel & Serengeti are two emcees from Chicago. They were signed on F5 Records and released a few albums in the 2000's with production by DJ Crucial. Nowadays, they work together under the name "Friday Night" doing experimental hip-hop. Be on the lookout for a full Grimm Teachaz album in the making.
— Thomas V

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