Ras Kass Live Performance @Bike Day LA Hollywood, CA

Ras Kass performed live at the Bike Day LA free event in Hollywood, CA. Ras Kass performed a five track set with full energy; including the classics Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix) , Soul On Ice (Remix) , 3 Card Molly, & Ghetto Fabulous. Even thought it was a great performance from Ras Kass, you could tell that you weren’t in a “hip-hop” crowd. It was mostly “skaters, long hair, skinny jeans” type of dudes. That’s why I was surprised when I saw that Ras Kass was performing there. But being a hip-hop head, I still had to go check it out and show some support to Ras! The setting was really dope! Ras Kass performed live on a rooftop. The sound system was messed up in the beginning though, Ras Kass’s mic was too low. He noticed after the first track so they went and fixed it.
If you don’t know, Ras Kass is releasing an album titled “A.D.I.D.A.S.” with DJ Rhettmatic. The first track that they released is titled “Release Yourself“. They weren’t thinking of putting it on the album but with all the praises they received, they might now add it to the project. I talked to Ras Kass and he said that they have so many dope tracks that it’s hard to get everything together on a 70 minute CD.

— Thomas V

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