Shadez Of Brooklyn – Pandemonium EP

Sorry, but there’s no download for you here YET. This is the final release of Chopped Herring‘s Bushwick series. We hit you with the last one here, Dysfunkshunal’s Mixed Emotions 96 Demo EP, and I think there might be some more copies left if you need that.

Shadez Of Brooklyn you should at least know from their 1996 underground hit(?) “Change”:
And if you were really on your p’s and q’s, you might remember this straight banger from them that was only ever played once on this very dope and sought after Evil Dee mixtape.
Until now, this track has not been heard by many in it’s entirety without DJ drops and, to me, it makes this record worth the $45, if you have it. But we know not everybody has it like that so we’ll hit you with this soon if the demand is there.
Everyday Livin’:
And for all the Philaflava/DWG/VA heads, the guys at Chopped Herring were even kind enough to big us all up on the vinyl:

So if you’re a wax addict, you should definitely grab this while it’s still available. I know the price is type steep but it could have been $35 more without the merit to warrant such a price.
Anyways, don’t sleep, there’s also 4 other ill unreleased cuts on this EP and at least one of them, “Now A Dayz”, is making moves to get to that “Everyday Livin'”, “Change” status.
–verge tibbs

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