Children of the Corn – I Remember When (1995) — Mobstyle —

[Killa Cam]
Before I rode the four train and knew about the dope game
With cocaine, watched Soul Train, gold caps and rope chains
No misbehaviors, played ball, sweat was my fragrence
Blood came running out the crowd on the flagrants
There was no Hilfigers, and brothers who talked about the steal trigers
Was “Mobstyle“, Harlem, REAL NIGGAS
Steelo, kilo, album cover fishscales
Dice before cee-lo, drugs, guns and c-notes
They made mathematics, static they was the baddest
Hustlers, from the 80s, know the fucking status
Plus they packed the pretty chrome, like they had the city sewn
AZ, Whip Whop, Gangsta Lou, Pretty Tone
And Alpo ordered guys to slaughter guys
And the whole Harlem was in tears when Rich Porter died
Wasn’t no bummy crew, had money true, packed dummies boo
Had niggaz scared to death to even walk passed 1-3-2
And niggaz jocked hardly, investments stopped smartly
And be careful when they came to any block party
It seem like they robbed banks with clips
And niggaz lost it when they heard ‘Kick that Gangsta Shit’
It was 40s, not bubbles, uptown money was lovely
Niggaz knew about the good, bad and ugly
And the shit that y’all taunted, they would hit and say
“While y’all dye your hair?” fuck trying to do the Kid, we Play

— Thomas V

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