P Brothers – The Gas: Special DJ EPs Vol.1 and 2

A1 Boss Money – Cold World
A2 Milano – In A Zone
A3 Cold World Instrumental
B1 Milano – Digital B-Boy
B2 Roc Marciano – Outta Control
B3 In A Zone Instrumental
B4 Emptiness (bonus beat)

A1 Roc Marciano – Caviar
A2 Milano – Late Night
A3 Caviar Instrumental
A4 Late Night Instrumental
A5 The Noise Of Peace.(bonus beat)
B1 $amhill – That Kid Is Nice
B2 Roc Marciano – As Long As It’s Real
B3 That Kid Is Nice Instrumental
B4 As Long As It’s Real Instrumental
Roc Marciano – As Long As It’s Real (*exclusive to this EP)
Roc Marciano – Outta Control
Roc Marciano – Caviar
Boss Money (Money Boss Players) – Cold World
Milano – Late Night
Milano – In A Zone
If you’ve slept on or just haven’t heard The P Brothers’ 2008 release, “The Gas”, then you’re in for a treat. Best rap album of 2008 by farrrrr. These English cats must have been hard at work to master their “Heavy Bronx” sound while we were complaining and/or ignoring the music that was getting play over here. Seriously, they’re bringing that boom bap better than most NY heads have been.

Problem is the album isn’t that widely available. As soon as I heard it, I looked for a copy and they were all sold out and never repressed, as far as I know.
But you’ll get a good sample out of these two EPs of what exactly to look forward to with “The Gas”.
Try to cop whatever copies of whatever they’re selling that’s left at The P Brothers official site here.
And Roc Marcy fans, don’t sleep, “As Long As It’s Real” is a banger that is exclusive to this record. It’s not on his upcoming solo “Marcberg”(which heads need to cop, too, straight 90s shit) and it wasn’t on “The Gas”.
–verge tibbs

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