The Source: March/April 1991

Here’s another T.R.O.Y. blog exclusive for everyone. And I definitely kicked myself for not buying and reading this back in ’91. I remember the main article’s topic was heavily debated, on a daily basis, when I was back in college. I had friends that were members of the Five Percent Nation, Nation of Islam, Orthodox Islam, Christianity, and a few atheists and agnostics as well. And when you mix hip-hop, women, weed and alcohol at midnight with guys trying to debate religious ideologies, it’s not a pretty sight. Let’s suffice it to say that I was present for quite a few heated arguments and fights regarding this. That’s why I’m upset that I never had this issue to bring to the table. It’s not only an informative article (that should have been printed in its entirety) but it puts hip-hop into a broader perspective. What I’ve always loved about the music is that everyone has a chance to be exactly who they are and present themselves to the world regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, etc. And The Source never missed a beat in its earlier days and was always on the cutting edge of discussing hip-hop in politics, society and religion.

On another note, I truly missed another gem in this magazine; the Large Professor article. Back in ’90, I accidentally found a couple of Main Source vinyl singles at Funk-O Mart and it was on from there. But I didn’t find out until later that he was producing for Kool G Rap’s Wanted: Dead or Alive and Eric B and Rakim’s Let the Rhythm Hit Em albums and that he wasn’t being properly credited for his work.

Also, you can watch a recent interview with Large Pro here:


To see him with all that gray hair is really getting to me since we’re the same age and I have gray hairs popping up all over my head as well!

Source March/April 1991 issue

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