Organized Konfusion & O.C. Promos & Demos

(Organized in Japan circa 1995, photo courtesy of D.I.T.C. affiliate Marquee.)

Roy Johnson has been trying to track down a complete copy of this ’91 / ’92 era O.C. demo called I Kick a Rhyme for the Record for years now. After aleph had posted these:

Organized Konfusion – Why [Buckwild Original Mix] (1994?)

“Premiered on KCR sometime before Stress dropped.”

O.C. & MC Serch – WKCR & Awesome 2 Promos (1994)

Page the Hand Grenade ft. O.C. – Untitled Demo (1994?)

Roy thought to ask aleph directly, who responded that he thought he had it “on a tape of a Riz / Eclipse show” and a couple days later a full version of the track was here:

O.C. – I Kick a Rhyme for the Record (1992?)

Props to aleph, Marquee and Roy Johnson.

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