The Geto Boys – The Geto Boys (Orginal Version)

Just a little Sunday treat for you. This is the O.G. version and for those that don’t know what I’m talking about… –Philaflava

This is the Geto Boys 1990 self-titled album, the original version, before it was shelved by the record company. You see, the Geto Boys used a sample from the Steve Miller Band song “The Joker,” on track #4, Gangster of Love. This however, was an unlicensed sample, and Steve Miller sued the record company over its use, to which the record company decided to shelve this album. This album was the Geto Boys first album available nationally, while all their previous releases as the Ghetto Boys were on a more local/regional level. This sample was also used on their earlier version of this album as the Ghetto Boys called Grip It On That Other Level. However, it was also a different recording session and so it was a completely different take and did not sound the same lyrically/vocally.

After a couple years, the Geto Boys had released more albums and gained in considerable popularity. The record company decided to re-release this album, but with an altered backing track for Gangster of Love. The altered version utilized a sample of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama and a “Gangsta Boogie” sample for the chorus. For those who purchased the re-release of the Geto Boys self-titled album, they got this new version of the song which if you think about it, doesn’t make as much sense as the original version which samples Steve Miller saying “call me…call me…yeah, call me the gangster of love.” Anyhow, it seems that everyone who has ripped this album and put it online, has put the re-release version online. Well I have come to save the day and give you all the original out-of-print version that came out in 1990.

1. F#@* ‘Em
2. Size Ain’t s**t
3. Mind Of A Lunatic
4. Gangster Of Love
5. Trigga Happy Nigga
6. Life In The Fast Lane
7. Assassins
8. Do It Like A G.O.
9. Read These Nikes
0. Talkin’ Loud Ain’t Saying Nothin’
11. Scarface
12. Let A Ho Be A Ho
13. City Under Siege


Peace to KingSkullie for the rip and GUCCI C for the link.

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5 Responses to “The Geto Boys – The Geto Boys (Orginal Version)”

  1. Joel B says:

    I have been looking for the Original Version of this Song for years. I had it on Tape and wore it out and then bought it again and the new version was on it. Anyway you can email me this version???

  2. Chris says:

    Man you did almost save my day however your download link no longer works major bumed off that… if your still offering this PLEASE let me know thanks a ton

  3. KnowGood says:

    I’ve come across two versions of “Trigga Happy Nigga” and can’t place which one is the original – since I have no tape player I can’t source this out for myself. Any help?

  4. Kenny says:

    Was so stoked to see that you were offering the original Gangsta of Love, but alas, as you know, it got pulled. My external drive died and I now have to try to reclaim most of my collection.
    Any chance for an email with just that one track even? I would surely appreciate it to no end. Thanks, Kenny

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