Inspectah Deck – Let Me At Them (Demo Piano Version)

I first had this taped off the radio about 15 years ago, either from a WNWK or WKCR broadcast. I’m guessing around 1994
or 1995 was the time frame, being that the official soundtrack version on “Tales From The Hood” didn’t drop until a good while after I first heard this. The one main difference on this demo is the piano sample that was curiously taken out of the soundtrack version. Hearing the demo first, every time I would hear the other version, it was like I was waiting for those pianos to drop in the mix. It got to be frustrating to even listen to this piano-less shell of a song. I can almost guarantee that after hearing this demo, you will not want to ever hear the official release again, well almost. The sound quality on the demo is much inferior to the other one. The reason for the pianos getting dissed would probably be due to sample clearance problems, but I guess only Deck knows for sure since he did the beat. All that is definite is that whether or not you found the version of this song you already knew to be memorable, it will be now. Sure the rest of the elements of the beat are all great on this but the pianos really are just that crucial to the illness of “Let Me At ‘Em”. They give it an added raw Wu sound, with the menacing darkness that would have fit right in a ghetto horror flick.
Let Me At Them (Demo Piano Version)
Let Me At Them (Soundtrack Version, No Pianos)

Download the demo and the other version both here. re-upped 3/30/12

Click on the cover to pick up the entire Tales From The Hood Soundtrack(at 320kbps) from our friends over at “Hq Hip Hop“.

Thanks and peace to JR from the “Crates Of JR” blog for ripping this personally sought after demo from one of his old WBAI tapes, off the Underground Railroad. The show still broadcasts and even has a chat room/podcast thing going on every Saturday night at midnight. You can find that by clicking here at the broadcast time and then clicking the “Live Broadcast” button on the right. Also, the host for many years now, is this guy Jay Smooth from the Ill Doctrine hip hop video blog. Love it or hate it, you can’t really dismiss it, the guy has valid points on many arguments.

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