Superegular & The Stoupe Produced EPs of the ’90s.

It’s time for some more literal Phila flava. Before Stoupe the Enemy of the Mankind began to work almost exclusively for members of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs (with exceptions for artists like Canibus, Guru and Reks) he was starting out with groups like Soulcraft, Doublespeek and Neso in the mid to late nineties.

“…I had a very brief career as an MC. Stoupe and I had a group called Doublespeek with another friend. We put out one 12” in 1996 just before the birth of Superegular. I think it went copper? I never saw the final SoundScan numbers on that one.” ~ Ryan Donahue (in a Baby Grande Interview)

This is that one 12”, which, if you can find, will now likely cost you a couple bills. But now thanks to the Illest EPs thread (among other places), you can hear it right here:

Doublespeek – Trial By Stone EP (192 CBR) (1996 on Onesoul Productions)

A1 – Trial By Stone ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – Trial By Stone (Remix) ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – Trial By Stone (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Remind Body ft. Arch Leon & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Remind Body (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – Black China ft. Arch Leon, Jay Block & Yan (Produced by Stoupe)

As forum member kimani said: “

…this EP is very good, give it a listen if you haven’t, regardless of whether or not you like Stoupe or Jedi Mind Tricks.”

And (thanks to Kevin Beacham) this is yet another T.R.O.Y. exclusive, one of the earlier Superegular releases:

Neso – The Move / Mad Coolout / The Balance 12” / VLS (256 / 320 CBR) (1997 on Superegular Recordings)

(Picture courtesy of Kevin Beacham, click for big.)

A1 – The Move (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – The Move (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – The Move (Remix) (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Mad Coolout ft. Teniweti, Arch Leon, Jack Block, Kaosm, Oddball & Qan (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Mad Coolout (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – The Move (Remix Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B4 – The Balance ft. Karesh (Produced by Stoupe)

Two other early Stoupe produced releases, a ’96 single / EP also by Neso called Subject to Change and ‘94’s Common Thread EP by Soulcraft still haven’t surfaced online (at least not yet).

But then of course there’s the most well known Stoupe produced EP from the ’90s and that’s Jedi Mind Trick’s first release, The Amber Probe EP:

Jedi Mind Tricks – The Amber Probe EP (192 CBR) (1996 on Superegular Recordings)

A1 – Neva Antiquated (Produced by Stoupe)

A2 – Neva Antiquated (Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

A3 – Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis ft. The Lost Children of Babylon (Produced by Stoupe)

B1 – Neva Antiquated (Dark Jedi Remix) (Produced by Stoupe)

B2 – Neva Antiquated (Dark Jedi Remix Instrumental) (Produced by Stoupe)

B3 – Books of Blood: The Coming of Tan ft. El Eloh (Produced by Stoupe)

Thanks to both Ho1ogramz and kimani for posting / reupping Doublespeek links, to the Kaknado blog for providing a working link to the Amber Probe EP and as always, mad props to Kevin Beacham, this time around for scanning the one sheet and ripping / upping the original links to Neso’s The Move 12″ in this crazy thread, which contains a lot of freestyles, demos and assorted rarities (if you didn’t already know).

The Big Sleep

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  1. verge says:

    i guess the Soulcraft and Neso’s cassettes never surfaced? wow

  2. The Big Sleep says:

    Not to my knowledge.

  3. j says:

    gifted from neso is jus allah, by the way

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