Operation: Fuck Solar (again)

Sorry for beating a dead horse, but apparently it isn’t dead yet. Our homie YN had a little something to add to our operation and until we see change I don’t see why we would stop reporting on it.

Who are you and what have you done with Guru? Seriously, we go from the emotional rollercoaster ride of thinkin’ we’re gonna lose one of the game’s greatest MCs to some sick pathetic soap opera involving a man of no blood or kin relation denying family members the right to see their loved one. Now yes Keith Elam may not wanna reconcile with folks he hasn’t been on good terms with for the past seven years but that’s his decision not yours. From the outside lookin’ in, you seem really shady. And if Guru’s nephew claim is true that you signed documents as Keith Elam’s brother and your wife as his sister than that’s just plain alarming. An abuse of power. Releasing statements to websites and official Twitter accounts in Guru’s name when he doesn’t appear to be able to speak on his own behalf is also misleading and completely wrong. Be clear: At this point the only thing relevant and important is the status of Guru’s health. Nobody gives a fuck about you or 7 Grand. Guru’s legacy is Gang Starr. DJ Premier and Guru made classics. You and Guru make crap. And you should get slapped for meddling in family business.

How many blogs, rappers, producers, fans or family members must it take to get a honest update without any Joe Jackson-like opportunist agendas thrown in the mix? –Philaflava

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