Yo, which one o’ y’all down wit’ B.B.O.?

One of the many gems posted in T.R.O.Y.‘s Illest EPs Ever thread is from this little known group:

Best Ballers Out, or B.B.O., also known as The B.B.O. Crew, B.B.O. Enterprises or B.B.O. Niggas were a Harlem based group composed of (then Murda) Mase’s brother Blinky Blink (who would later be known from Harlem World), Napizm, White Bread, Beef Tha Thief, Futuristic and manager Chuck Black. (Real names according to the credits on their EP: T. Gilford, M. Foster, K. Leigh, G. Jones, G. Burgess and T. Saunders.) They had ties to DJ S&S, the Niggaz For Life crew and The Children of the Corn(er), first getting shout outs from the likes of Mase and Big L starting around ’93, their song from ’96 Get Rude may have been inspired by Mase’s ’93 track of the same name (V2 / VBR). Sometime starting around ’97, shortly before the group disappeared, they had ads up in The Source promoting what would have been their debut album: Across From 125th St., which of course never dropped. By the end of ’98 they had basically all but vanished completely.

B.B.O – Get Rude / Dayz Lik This / Pose A Threat 12” / VLS – V2 / VBR – (1996)

A1 – Get Rude (Rude Version)

A2 – Get Rude (Nude Version)

A3 – Get Rude (Instrumental)

B1 – Dayz Lik This

B2 – Dayz Lik This (Instrumental)

B3 – Pose a Threat

DJ S&S – Beat of the Day (Throw Ya Hands Up) ft. B.B.O. 12” / VLS – V2 / VBR – (1998)

A1 – Beat of the Day ft. B.B.O. (Radio Version)

B1 – Beat of the Day ft. B.B.O. (125th Street LP Mix)

B2 – Beat of the Day (Instrumental)

Thanks to Verge for reupping the ’97 DJ S&S track So Hot (V2 / VBR), to soopacee for originally ripping and posting the ’97 DJ Capone freestyle (192 CBR) and to True King and Ed Catto (and badboy4life on the BigLOnline forums) for helpin’ out with some of the information.

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3 Responses to “Yo, which one o’ y’all down wit’ B.B.O.?”

  1. jeridza says:

    Cheers for the tracks man, I just recently heard get rude on an old mixtape I got off a mate, and I couldn’t figure out who they were, I got bbo out of the chorus and have been searchn for more of their stuff,, bit unfourtunate they never dropped that album though.. Do you have much info on killa kidz??

  2. Pshines aow says:

    Niggas know nothin about this.

  3. Pshines aow says:

    Ni99as know nothin about this.

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