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J Rock with a Porsche in Poughkeepsie, New York (1991):

“This is like the Amerikkka’s Most Wanted of the New York ghetto. Probably one of the most gangsta albums in sound that we’ve heard… the fact that this came out in 1991 simply shows its brilliance further.” Chris Aylen – Spine Magazine

In 1989, an nineteen year old MC from Newburgh, NY named J Rock was discovered by independent label owner Jeff Murphy. Shortly thereafter, the two would collaborate, along with upstart producers DJ Premier & Easy Mo Bee to produce a memorable album called Streetwize. Actually, J Rock had released a 12” single entitled The Chosen One prior to releasing Streetwize in early 1990 on Murphy’s Ghetto Groovz Label. Moderately received by the hip hop community, it got some airplay on various hip hop and college radio stations. After the single, J Rock knew he needed to improve his skills, so he put together a homemade studio and went to work. “The Chosen One was a wake up call, it showed me that I was not ready and that I had to work on my skills” recalled J Rock. “I had to prove to Jeff that I was ready to put in the time and commitment that it would take to make it work.”

While working on his lyrical skills, J Rock also discovered that he had talent producing tracks. “After we did The Chosen One, Jeff got Premier and Mo Bee to do some tracks for me and the other artists he had on the label. While we were in the studio, I watched Premier and I learned from him how to put together tracks.” J Rock took what he learned into the studio and put together a demo that he eventually sent in to The Source Magazine. He was featured in the Unsigned Hype column of the December 1990 issue. It stated that “this is the type of shit you’d hear at a battle in a playground and this is the type of MC that might walk away with the belt”. After the feature, Murphy and J Rock along with DJ Big Chris went back into the studio to complete the album.

The eighteen track album contained tales of daily life in the ghetto and ultimately became a critical success, receiving many positive reviews, including a glowing review in The Bomb Hip Hop newsletter in which it was given four stars. Two videos, Save the Children and Neighborhood Drug Dealer were produced for the album. They were shown on Yo! MTV Raps and other rap video shows. The album has become a collectors item, with people paying top dollar for an original copy. The lasting appeal of Streetwize showed itself again in July 2006 when a story about the album appeared in Wax Poetics. J Rock explains the continued interest, “I think that real hip hop heads know what time it is, they know what’s good and what’s not and they appreciate Streetwize for what it is, real hardcore simplistic hip hop, you don’t hear this kinda stuff anymore.”

J Rock – The Source’s Unsigned Hype Demo Tape – 1990 (192 CBR)

01. Intro
02. The Messiah (Demo Version)
03. Let’s Get It Together (Demo Version)
04. Streetwize (Demo Version)
05. Cazanova (Demo Version)
06. Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Demo Version)
07. Outro

J Rock – Streetwise 15th Anniversary Edition – 1991 (V2 / VBR)

01. Let Me Introduce Myself (Co-produced by Easy Mo Bee & J Rock)
02. Under Arrest (Produced by J Rock)
03. Streetwize (Produced by J Rock)
04. Butality (Co-produced by DJ Premier & J Rock)
05. The Pimp (Produced by DJ Premier, Scratches by DJ Premier)
06. The Shakedown (Produced by J Rock)
07. Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Produced by J Rock)
08. Don’t Sleep On Me (Produced by J Rock)
09. Root of All Evil (Produced by J Rock)
10. The Messiah (Produced by J Rock)
11. Ghetto Law (Produced by DJ Premier, Scratches by DJ Premier)
12. Around My Way (Produced by J Rock)
13. The Real One (Co-produced by DJ Premier & J Rock)
14. Another Tough Guy (Produced by J Rock, Bass by Shlomo Sonnenfeld)
15. Dead (Produced by J Rock)
16. Save the Children (Produced by J Rock)
17. Cazanova (Produced by J Rock)
18. Let’s Get It Together (Produced by J Rock)
19. Get Rek (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
20. Neighborhood Drug Dealer Remix (Produced by DJ Premier)
21. Don’t Sleep On Me Remix (Co-produced by DJ Big Chris & Jeff Murphy)
22. Save the Children Remix (Produced by J Rock)

J Rock – Streetwise 15th Anniversary Edition Instrumentals (256 CBR)

01. Let Me Introduce Myself (Instrumental)
02. Streetwize (Instrumental)
03. Brutality (Instrumental)
04. Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Instrumental)
05. Don’t Sleep On Me (Instrumental)
06. The Messiah (Instrumental)
07. Around My Way (Instrumental)
08. The Real One (Instrumental)
09. Another Tough Guy (Instrumental)
10. Save the Children (Instrumental)
11. Cazanova (Instrumental)
12. Get Rek (Instrumental)
13. Save the Children (Remix Instrumental)

J Rock – Save the Children:

Ghetto Groovz Collection (80 CBR)

01. MCM – Get Hyped
02. MCM – Young & Ambitious
03. J Rock – No Pain
04. J Rock – The Chosen One
05. J Rock – The Chosen One (Chosen Mix)
06. J Rock – Save the Children Remix
07. J Rock – Get Rek
08. J Rock – Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Gettin’ Paid Remix)
09. J Rock – Neighborhood Drug Dealer (DJ Premier Boombox Jeep Mix)
10. J Rock – Don’t Sleep On Me Remix

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