The Source: March 1993 issue featuring Naughty By Nature

Life has been hectic lately but I’m back with another issue for everyone. (Side note – I have a couple of never before posted magazines that will hit this site very soon). Now, who didn’t love Naughty By Nature? While Kay Gee and Vinnie played the background perfectly, I had always likened Treach to Busta Rhymes in that he seemed to have that natural charisma and appeared to be friendly with almost any other rapper at the time. Combine that with Naughty’s penchant for crafting catchy hip-hop jingles and they just couldn’t lose. And to top it off, they had Spike Lee directing the video for the lead song from their second album, ‘Hip-Hop Hooray’, with no less than a hundred guest appearances from the hip-hop world at the video shoot. How could they lose?

Well, they didn’t. I’m sure they went gold and platinum with their singles and albums (check here: http://www.riaa.com/goldandplatinumdata.php?table=SEARCH) and they didn’t have to give up an ounce of credibility. I think it’s safe to say that they peaked in 1993, too. But here’s a question for you, should Treach have gone solo for an album or two? I think so. And why isn’t Treach ever brought up in a discussion of the best rappers of that era and of all time? Is it because he’s from New Jersey and not New York? Does his voice wear on you? What is it?

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