StillTown Presents Chicago: Only Cold Winds Blow

A new memeber of Philaflava forum, StillTown, made this compilation for his own blog, but also decided to share with Philaflava community. Thank you StillTown.
Recently, we here at T.R.O.Y. supplied you with awesome summer compilations, so just in case it was too much heat for you, we thought it would be nice to cool you off a little bit with this one.

Soon after this compilation dropped, Kevin Beacham who also ran Time Travel radio program on WNUR 83.9 in Chicago, gave us information that Distortionists and Example are from Texas.
But never mind for that, cause this don’t give this compilation a lower vaule.
Also thanks to Kevin Beacham for providing some of this tracks exclusively from his collection, which you can check in this thread.

StillTown Presents Chicago: Only Cold Winds Blow (2010)

01. Sudden Def – Def’s Penalty

02. Tung Twista – Suicide (Original)

03. Immortal Griffen & Freeloadaz – Freeloadaz Freebasin’ Non-Stop

04. Rubberoom – Synapse Gap

05. E.C. Illa – On Ill

06. Whatnoxic – Contortin’

07. Distortionists – Geographics

08. Off Da Wall – One After Another

09. Stedy Serv – You Know the Time

10. Epicentral – Compare & Contrast

11. Spalaney’s – Universal Language

12. All Natural – This Is How It Should Be Done
13. East of the Rock – Galaxy Rays

14. Example – Recollect



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