Class Act (1992) Starring Kid ‘N Play (VHS)

1992’s Class Act was hip hop duo Kid N’ Play‘s first and only movie together that wasn’t part of the House Party series. It is the third of four films starring Kid ‘N Play following House Party (1990) and House Party 2 (1991), and preceding House Party 3 (1994). Duncan Pinderhughes (Kid) is a straight cut bookworm and Blade Brown (Play) is a troubled teen fresh out of jail. The two start high school under weird circumstances when they’re school records are switched. Pinderhughes ended up being placed in a class of roughnecks while Brown went to the more established honor roll classes. When they learn of the mistake and confront each other, they try to use the mishap to their advantage to straighten out their problems.For example, Pinderhughes, because he was nonathletic, needed to pass gym and Brown just needed grades in general. What’s crazy about this movie is that, it still hasn’t been released on DVD. The only way to get this movie is to buy the original VHS… Fortunately someone was great enough to rip this movie from their own tape and put it up online. Props to that person! Now, Enjoy!

Duncan: Did you hear me? I said that was stupid.
Blade: Did you hear me? I said, “Thanks.”
Duncan: Are you deaf?
Blade: [misunderstood as “def”] Man, I’m the defest brotha on this block!
Duncan: YOU’RE deaf?
Blade: [still misunderstood as “def”] That’s right.
Duncan: [turns head] I think Blade Brown is the biggest asshole on the planet.
[Blade smacks Duncan upside the head]
Duncan: Hey! You’re not deaf!


— Thomas V

Bonus: Kid ‘N’ Play – Slippin’ (Live) @ Yo MTV Raps 1991

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