Sway & Tech – The Mix Tape (DJ Revolution) 1996

This is an independent Wake Up Show release from 1996 by Sway & King that features three mixes from DJ Revolution. Revolution used to be the mix radio show music director at 92.3 The Beat and is now the resident DJ of the Wake Up Show. These mixes earned him a regular spot after he was contacted by King Tech. Rev has done just about everything you can think of with records. Spun’em, scratched’em, juggled’em, sampled’em, collected’em, produced’em, sold’em, distributed’em, promoted’em, and so on.
Hip Hop vs Rap ’96 is one of the best dj track that I’ve heard! DJ Revolution compiles all the original vocals that KRS-One used when he did his tribute track in ’93.

— Thomas V

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