Substantial – To This A Sun Union Was Born

The following text is a partial info about this album and Substantial himself, taken off from Substantial’s myspace page.

When Substantial was recording his debut album, …To This Union a Sun Was Born, he was driven by adversity. The Maryland native was struggling to balance school with a budding music career, was homeless at times and still reeling from having buried more than ten friends and family members.

“I met Substantial through PackFM and Mecca during the final throes of the NYC underground scene’s heyday,” says QN5 founder and artist Tonedeff. “They were all in a group together called Dominion and I had seen them. Immediately, I was blown away by his wordplay and delivery.” Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM and Session would go on to form the group Extended Famm and release the critically acclaimed 2002 album Happy F*ck You Songs.

The production was handled by Nujabes and Monorisick.

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SubstantialTo This Union A Sun Was Born (2001)

01. Intro
02. Substance
03. C.I.M.
04. More Than A Game
05. Somebody Stole My Shit
06. If I Was Your M.I.C.
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Kaliwhuchawon2
09. Be People
10. Love Song
11. Bananas
12. Remembering Dave
13. Ain’t No Happy Endings
14. If I Was Your Mic (DJ Kiyo Mix)



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