Great EPs: E-40 – "The Mailman"

Fresh from the “Illest EPs Ever” thread over at the forum, here’s a Bay Area classic from the legendary 40 Fonzarelli.
Originally released in 1994, The Mail Man follows the trends set on previous efforts such as Mr. Flamboyant and Federal; E-40 kicks rapid-fire, humorous tales thick with his trademark “slanguage” over slumping mobb-style beats produced by Studio Ton and 40-Water himself. However, what distinguishes this EP from those earlier releases is a more polished, consistent sound; this most likely stems from the major-label backing bestowed upon 40 by Jive Record, the imprint that would later re-release his earlier efforts. Along with this improved production, The Mail Man shows 40 really solidifying his now-trademark style, and it shows. So many solid tunes on this record, including the all-time classics “Captain Save-A-Ho” and “Practice Lookin’ Hard.”
Despite the transgressions made by E-40 over the past 6 years and numerous attempts to tarnish his legacy as a Bay legend, the grip of full-lengths and extended plays that he dropped from 1991 to 1996 more than make up for it. The Mail Man is no exception. So drop ya drawls and get some 40 Water in ya life, yadadibooboo?
1. “Neva Broke”
2. “Bring the Yellow Tape”
3. “Practice Lookin’ Hard”
4. “Ballin’ Out of Control” (featuring Levitti)
5. “Where the Party At” (featuring The Mossie)
6. “Captain Save a Hoe” (featuring The Click)
7. “Mailman”
8. “Captain Save a Hoe” (Remix) (featuring The Click)

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