Attn: Bumpy Knuckles – Please Destroy Solar

Okay this shit won’t end. Apparently Guru ain’t recovering like we had hoped. All the online statements have been bullshit. I don’t know how ANYONE can watch these videos and read what has been posted by fellow bloggers, rappers and friends of Guru and still have the nerve to defend Solar. The man is Suge Knighting him and if this continues he’ll end up just like Pac did.

I don’t know what its going to take but holla at me @bumpyknuckles because I will gladly Paypal you some coin to remove this cancer that is eating away our homie Guru. Every day that passes is just another day of lies, manipulation and greed. Every fan, friend and supporter of the Gang Starr Foundation has to continue to spread the word and continue to pray for Guru. We cannot allow a no-talent hack like Solar do this much damage to a person, the foundation and more importantly the Elam family. He must be removed by any means necessary. Word is bond!


Solar kills Gang Starr

Exclusive interview with Guru and Solar

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