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You might be scratching your head right wondering what this post is about but if you’re familiar with the above clip you’ll know exactly where I’m going. For a few years now The T.R.O.Y. Blog has been putting in work day in and day out. Sometimes you have to sit back and just marvel at what we’ve accomplishment throughout these years. You just have to.

It’s true we’ve lost some great contributors over the years, but we’ve also gained some great contributors as well. See T.R.O.Y. has never been about one person, it’s has always been a collaborative effort. It’s important to remind you all of the work that is put in. From the ripping to the writing to the tagging to the scheduling. It’s no secret we do this blog for you. So allow us to bask in our glory, to ego trip or even just be on our own dicks because pound for pound there isn’t a throwback blog that is even on our level. I’m certainly not trying to paint us as the smug blog, but we’re confident in the work we’ve done and will continue to do.

2010 started off with strong and hasn’t stopped one bit. Sounds Like The 90s will resume in March, the Producer Spotlights and Touring The States both will be in full E.F.F.E.C.T. too. Our brother from another blogger, Thun Diddy will be debuting his new blog Actual Facts very soon as well.

As you can see we’re expanding and tackling new eras, new subjects and trying our best to hit you from every Kurt Angle. But for now, sit back, relax, maybe catch up on some our of latest pieces and get ready for us to do our thug thizzle in 2010. Thank you for your continued support, your motivation, praise, hate and most importantly your time.


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