The Source: February 1993 issue featuring Run-DMC

Way back in ‘82/’83, there was a time when I believed hip-hop could get no better than Melle Mel. My uncle had every Sugarhill Record ever released but when he came home with “The Message” record, it blew my little kid ears away. Later, when he bought “White Lines” and “Beat Street”, it solidified that thought in my mind. Melle Mel was the king of hip-hop to me and no one would ever replace him. Funny how hip-hop had a way of evolving though. I don’t know where or when I first heard “Sucker MC’s” but my mind immediately began a tug of war with Run vs. Melle Mel. I was so enamored with the seemingly hungrier Run that I remember saving my lunch money as a little boy to buy Run-DMC‘s very first tape, which I still have to this day. I couldn’t wait for my uncle to buy the album this time. I needed my own copy. And as bears love honey, you could not separate me from that tape until their second album dropped. So please understand me when I say that I was very leery of a Run-DMC’ return in ’93. They were and still are the greatest group in hip-hop to me but the 1990 album, Back from Hell, left a very bad sound in my ears. The group as I had known them had ceased to exist. But once again, it’s funny how hip-hop had evolved once more and their career was briefly resurrected and saved by the one and only Pete Rock. They were older, more mature, focused and displaying an outwardly Christian image. It still bothers me that younger hip-hop fans really haven’t heard their albums. And many people don’t realize how their success in hip-hop (world tours, gold/platinum albums, endorsement contracts, movies, etc.) has carried forward exponentially to many other artists to this day. Long live the Kings from Queens and R.I.P. Jam Master Jay.

And let’s not forget, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic received 4.5 mics in this issue? Do you think it should have been rated 5 mics? 4 mics?

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~Vincent Lopez~

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