Constant Deviants/Global Platoon/Sparrow: 90’s Vaults Excavated

You already know how much unreleased 90’s material has been put out on vinyl in the last couple of years. Some great stuff, some just okay. Some worth the big price tags, some not really. Well, this isn’t gonna be on that $80 record steez. It will be affordable, but more importantly, dope 90’s hip hop music.
Six 2 Six Shift Records planned releases:
Constant Deviants – Feel That b/w Problem Child(also remix and instrumentals) 12″
Sparrow – Flows Of Death b/w Armageddon 12″ (see cover art above, dope)
2 previously unreleased Constant Deviants LPs
1 previously unreleased Global Platoon LP
2 Previously unreleased Sparrow LPs
All from between 1994 and 1999. They really can’t go wrong here.

If you aren’t familiar with these artists, we have plenty of mp3s to get you acquainted here.
Constant Deviants is M.I. on the rhymes and DJ Cutt on the beats.
Global Platoon is M.I., Rome, Bosch, Fla Fla(of Sparrow), Illogic, and Supreme on the rhymes and boards.
Sparrow is Fla Fla rhyming and Dre(not the doc) on the beats.
Launchpad Records was founded by DJ Rockit.

Here’s some previews to help get you up to date:
Constant Deviants – Problem Child (unreleased, will be on 12″)

Constant Deviants – Competition Catch Speed Knots (released in 1996 on 12″)

Sparrow – Flows Of Death (unreleased, will be on 12″)

Sparrow – Physics (released in 1995 on 12″)

Global Platoon – Maitreya (unreleased, will be on LP)

Global Platoon – War (unreleased, may be on LP)

Global Platoon – Keep Your Day Job (released in 1997 on 12″)

Bosch – Little Man (unreleased demo, may be on LP)

Bosch – Rizing Suns (released in 1997 on 12″)

Rome – Dai In Life (released in 1997 on EP)

Here’s 2 videos they recently dug out the vaults:

And one last summer time banger that will be the B-Side of the Problem Child 12″:

“Feel That” and “Problem Child” were first played as demos on the Stretch and Bobbito show. If you’re feeling any of this and want to see a proper release, either follow their blog here and leave some comments, or join their facebook vinyl petition group. Make sure you let them know that you want to see these and all the other treats they’re holding onto, on vinyl or CD. These guys deserve some support in getting this stuff released. There’s plenty more heaters, I just tried to pick 10 of my favs here and it wasn’t easy.
There is dope new material in the works that we will try to keep you abreast with.


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