The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents: Houston, TX

Another day, another great mix from forum member Tha Town (That E. Oak LOC!). As evidenced by his great G-Funk Cali mix, Tha Town is a veritable encyclopedia of rare, obscure, and otherwise criminally unknown gangsta rap. Dude’s collection is large, and he’s been blessing us with some serious knowledge since he joined the Phila forum. Don’t believe me? Check his threads on Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi. Highly recommended.

Anyway, if you’ve read these two posts, you already know that my own tastes are pretty bugged and I’m always on the lookout for some seriously Southern-fried, gangstafied, low-budget rap music. So, I approached Tha Town about doing a mix for the blog, and he came back with a collection of marvelous tracks focusing on Houston, Texas.
Here’s what the Loc himself has to say:

“If you ask me, 90’s Houston is best hip-hop anywhere, or anytime. This is some of the best of the best from that region. I had a really difficult time putting this together because I had about 100 tracks I wanted to put on here. A must have. Smooth, gangsta, and strong vocal hooks. Enjoy.”

Indeed. Pop the trunk and turn the street volume up to 10.

1. Deep South Playas – “Trapped in the Ghetto”
2. Rashid – “H-Town Way”
3. Mass 187 – “Gangsta Strut”
4. 20-2-Life – “Feel Me”
5. Jakol – “Hit It From The Back”
6. 5th Ward Juvenilez – “Bad News”
7. 5th Ward Boyz – “Situationz”
8. DJ DMD – “Mr. 25/8”
9. Klondike Kat – “Ghetto Baby”
10. Guerilla Maab – “Still Here”
11. DJ DMD – “Keep the Real Ones By Your Side”
12. Ka*V*R – “Baby Love”
13. 20-2-Life – “After Servin’ A Deuce”
14. Cappeela – “Mama”
15. Cappeela – “Playas”
16. Mass 187 – “Lord Knows”

-Echo Leader

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