Ras Kass – The Endangered Lyricist

Just today I received an email from Kris over at Ras Kass Central, where he has a Canibus-like online following and I noticed they’re starting this campaign called “Save Ras Kass.” Now, it’s no secret that he is one of my favorite lyricists of all-time. It’s no secret that T.R.O.Y. has showed Ras Kass more love than most rappers discussed here. In fact, I’m willing to bet there hasn’t been a blog out there that has come close to what we have done as far as support goes.

Just check the record.

Ras Kass – What Could Have Been?

So getting back to this viral marketing they’re doing. What exactly does Ras Kass need saving from? He is no longer in prison. He is no longer signed to Priority Records (at least, I believe so). He is no longer beefing with established rappers (who aren’t nearly as talented as he is) like Game. So basically Ras Kass needs saving from Ras Kass. Maybe it’s the folks he surrounds himself with. Maybe it’s his management? Maybe, just maybe Ras Kass needs go back to the basics and realize what made him the lyricist he is today.
Below we’re sold on “15 of Ras Kass’ classic songs to remind everyone why Ras Kass is one of the top 5 emcees. ” yet we all can look at this track list and easily pick apart a handful of selections that are suppose to help remind us of his G.O.A.T. status. No Sonset? No Etc.? No Jack Frost? No Music Bizness? No Oral Sex (pause)? No Won’t Catch Me Runnin”? No Remain Anonymous?
You know the saying you only get one chance for a first impression? Well he’s had multiple chances and he still isn’t getting it right. I’m not here to pick apart what Ras does, it’s only because I have so much respect and expectation for him as an emcee that I feel this adamant about his career and his choices he has made over the years. So download this mixtape and hear glimpses of why Ras Kass was once not to be fucked with and hopefully he’ll find his way back home. We’ve all been waiting. Hip-hop has been waiting. – Jason Gloss

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