Babbletron – Mechanical Royalty

Babbletron is a group from New York, consisting of three members, Cool Calm Pete, Jaymanila and DJ Pre.

I don’t know exactly if this is their first official album, cause i’ve seen they released a vinyl named Ramblers Anonymous in 2002, but there is full length album circulating over the internet, named Ramble At A Discount, so i don’t know what’s the real story behind that, is it official release or not.

Production was handled by DJ Pre, except three tracks, #3 (RJD2), #6 (DOOM) & #7 (Ese).

BabbletronMechanical Royalty (2003)

01. I Need To Be
02. Special FX
03. The Clock Song
04. Interlude 1
05. Birds
06. Space Tech Banana Clip
07. Chop!!!
08. One Shot
09. The Hit Man Sonnet Feat. Jungle Mike
10. Interlude 2
11. A.C.W.A.L.L.
12. Broke Down
13. Dope / Crumby



— Markshot

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