The Source: February 1991 issue featuring EPMD

This issue is another T.R.O.Y. blog exclusive and is courtesy of philaflava forum member Pradadon from NYC. Please send him a ‘Thank You’ in the comment section.

Imagine. The year is 1990. Pre-breakup EPMD is still together. They have two hit albums under their belt and now they’re signed to Def Jam when Def Jam is still Def Jam. LL had just dropped a classic album (Mama Said Knock You Out) and he wanted to appear on EPMD’s Def Jam debut (correct me if I’m wrong). And to top it off, some new artist named Redman, comes through and completely steals the show. I think Verge said it first but next to Big L’s debut on Lord Finesse’s ‘Yes You May’ remix, Redman’s debut on that album is probably the best new artist debut that I’ve ever heard. So it’s safe to say, I was amped when I bought that Business As Usual tape and it stands as one of my all time best ‘pump up the volume while I play video games’ albums. Something about that album has an upgraded, more polished but still funky and grimy sound that the first two albums lacked and it has hit after hit with ‘Manslaughter’, ‘Mr. Bozack’ and ‘Hardcore’ being my favorites. Anyway, I never got the chance to read this issue until Pradadon sent it to my house. Way back in ’91, I was too young, too broke, and too stressed the hell out in my freshman year of college to try and buy every Source issue at the record store. So this one and the issue in the pic below are the two that escaped my grasp at the time. If anyone has the issue March/April 1991 issue below, then please contact me ASAP.

Source February 1991 issue

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