Scientifik “Non-Album Tracks”

Forum member Debonair_P recently blessed us with a dope compilation of Scientfik non-album tracks. As an added bonus, there is an exclusive remix done by Debonair_P himself.

Here’s what D.J. Shame (of The Vinyl Reanimators) had to say when I asked him for some history on Scientifik:

When the Scientifik LP was done, his label decided that “Jungles” would be the 1st single. Just before the single dropped, Chemisty had changed to Definite. Chemistry had distribution through Mercury/Polygram but I don’t think Definite had the same distribution deal. Mercury/Polygram picked up Diamond who was signed to Chemistry & I think that’s all they signed over. I don’t think the “Criminal” LP ever got an actual release. Although there were the copies that got around with just the sticker on the front which was what they sent me. It was too bad cause the LP was pretty dope in my opinion. There was of course the re-release that Traffic Entertainment put out a few years back. The “Most Blunted” release was also put out by Joe (of The Vinyl Reanimators) which was pretty much a bunch of demos that were done before Scientifik even got signed. The tracks that had samples that were already used (like the Nas “Memory Lane” joint) were not originally recorded like that. For whatever reason, Joe went back & changed some of the samples. I think the original samples were better… he shouldn’t have changed them.

R.I.P. Scientifik

01 A Nigga You Can’t Fuck With w Edo G, Herb & Smit
02 Freestyle (Sept 94)
03 All Around G
04 What’s The Deal w Edo G & Big Shug
05 Lawtown ’96 The Saga Continues (Original)
06 Lawtown ’96 The Saga Continues (Wiz Remix)
07 Internal Affairs (Original)
08 Internal Affairs (Wiz Remix)
09 Official w Edo G & Big Shug
10 Hold The Key w God Wize, L Da Headtoucha & K-Slaughta
11 Jungles Of The East (Debonair P Remix)
12 Who Got The Props [Funk Phenomenon RMX] w Lil’ Fame


Thanks to Debonair_P for the music and D.J. Shame for the words.

And with the re-upload, I added the 12th track from this post.


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