Mapping Out The Stretch And Bobbito Show (Demos: Juggaknots, Kool Keith, etc..)

We’ve finally decided to give this a go. It will be tough, no doubt. But if everybody who has any little bit of knowledge at all about the WKCR legacy, would add on and build with us, it is possible that we can map out the show’s entire history.

We’ve got people who are willing to rip your tapes to mp3 and mail them back to you. The Big Sleep has set up a “Stretch And Bobbito” blog to archive and keep the list of shows, dates, and guests, all together in one place.

Here’s a few treats that have surfaced since we started this mission:

Juggaknots – Genuine (demo?)

MF Doom – Gas Drawls (demo)

Rampage – Mad Niggas (demo)

LL Cool J – ?? Unreleased Unknown demo

Organized Konfusion – Why (OG Buckwild demo version)

Showtime – I Walk The Line (demo)

Aiello Wilson – 80 Proof (demo)

Kool Keith – Time Is Now (unreleased demo)[best quality on the internet]

Nas – The Life We Chose (DJ Eli Remix)

This is only a sampler of all the freshness that has surfaced so far.

Peace and thanks to everyone who has helped contribute so far, I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Leave a comment if I forgot you:
The Big Sleep, aleph, Digital Stimulation, Andyman187, dj step one, RELM, jamo609, Howfresh, dirtywaters, serch4beatz, recogthereal, boogs, sen, sloppyseconds, Skeptic, Ho1ogramz, djkingflow, Dat_Triflin_Ass_Dude, megafresh, dubs, tuttsifruttsi, Kwestionmark, pradadon, Duddy, Roy Johnson

Most of those links are to really good cassette rip blogs you might want to check out.

Peace to Stretch and Bobbito.
Stretch may be coming through with a full, almost completely accurate, list of all the show dates and guests, soon. Hopefully some show rips, too. Stay tuned.


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